Today, Invisalign is more popular than ever. It’s a very convenient and comfortable way to fix those teeth that aren’t wanting to straighten themselves. It is an investment, though, and you’ll want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of caring for your Invisalign aligners.

Your orthodontist will talk you through the initial use of your Invisalign clear aligners, but we will go over some of the most important tips and tricks you should do – as well as the things you don’t want to do with your aligners.

The “Do’s” of Wearing Invisalign

When considering all the dos of Invisalign, you’ll find that there are many recommendations to follow. Invisalign aligners allow you to live normally and comfortably while aligning your teeth at the same time. While treating your smile with Invisalign, make sure you:

Do Wear Your Invisalign Aligners 20-22 Hours a Day

You want the best results, and to get them, you need to be sure to wear your Invisalign for at least 20 hours. They won’t work very well if they aren’t in your mouth. Only plan to take them out to eat, drink or to brush and floss your teeth.

Parents of teens can even have blue compliance indicators to help them keep track of whether their teen is wearing their aligners often enough. Invisalign wants you to be successful in achieving your best smile possible!

Do Clean Your Invisalign Aligners Everyday

Just like your teeth, plaque and other bacteria can build up on your Invisalign. You’ll want to make sure you clean them each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush (not the one you brush your teeth with) using a warm water rinse. Make sure not to wash them with scented soap or toothpaste. Soap can change the taste of your Invisalign, and toothpaste is too abrasive and will break them down. There are Invisalign cleaning crystals available for purchase, but you can also use denture cleaners if you wish.

Do Brush Your Teeth After Eating and Drinking

Since the Invisalign Aligners sit snugly against your teeth, food and other things can get trapped inside of them and against your teeth. This can quickly cause tooth decay because your saliva isn’t able to get in there and help wash away the food. Can you imagine your breath?!

Be sure to brush and Waterpik your teeth after eating and drinking as much as possible. If brushing isn’t a convenient option, rinse out your mouth with warm water to remove all you can. When you work to keep your teeth as clean as possible throughout the day, you’ll be able to trust that your aligners are doing more good than harm.

Do Remember to Have Fun and Keep Living

One of the most excellent parts of Invisalign is that you don’t have to slow down or stop doing the things you love like you may have to do with traditional braces. Feel free to stay active, play sports and do all the activities you desire without the fear of harming your mouth.

Keep eating all the food you love too. When wearing braces, you have to give up so many foods because they get stuck in your brackets and wires. You have none of that worry with Invisalign. You also don’t have to worry about those brackets and wires getting in the way when you brush and floss your teeth later on.

Do Remember to Change Your Aligners Out

You will not be wearing the same set of aligners for the duration of your treatment. You’ll actually only wear each set for one to two weeks, depending on what your doctor prescribes. When you do change them out, you’ll notice a little more discomfort for the first few days, but that is totally normal. Each new set is getting you one step closer to that fantastic smile.

Don’t Forget to Take Out Your Aligners Before Eating and Drinking

When you chew your food, your teeth withstand a lot of pressure. Your Invisalign aligners are not built for that kind of wear and tear. Also, as we talked about earlier, food and other things can get caught inside your aligners which can cause cavities if not removed quickly.

It may seem a nuisance to remove your Invisalign so many times throughout the day, but it will soon become second nature.

Don’t Leave Your Invisalign Trays Laying Around

How many times have you seen a poor kid (or adult for that matter) searching through the garbage cans at a fast-food restaurant or cafeteria for their retainers? Invisalign can be even worse in this sense because they are clear in color. This can make them very easy to toss. Make an effort to never place them on your tray or in a napkin that can easily be thrown out. Try to use the case provided to you when you received your Invisalign aligners. You don’t want to have to buy new replacements or have to start over with your treatment because you get off track and don’t wear your aligners for a few days.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Coffee and Soda

If you’re someone that gets through the day with a cigarette or coffee and soda, it’s time to consider stopping these habits. Sipping on a mug of coffee throughout the day will not work well while wearing Invisalign. If you have to take them out each time you eat or drink anything, it will become a problem. Coffee and soda also tend to stain your Invisalign trays which defeat the purpose of clear Invisalign. Just think how much that hot cup of coffee is worth.

Invisalign consists of amazing aligners that are made to straighten your teeth, all while being invisible. People might not even know you’re wearing them! If you make sure to follow the dos and don’ts of wearing and caring for your Invisalign aligners that we’ve talked about, you’ll be ready to go.

Talk to your orthodontist today about whether Invisalign is right for you or your teen.