Most patients do not have the best possible bite for their faces and jaws because tooth eruption during the early years of life is random and the bite we get is a random.

The bite we get is not the most optimized bite for our jaws and faces. Sometimes the bite we get is close and other times it is a very bad bite. Even if we have had braces, seldom is the lower jaw in the optimum position. Consequently, patients have to adapt to a bad bite or some sort of malocclusion that gets worse as they get older.

Patients are forced to tolerate head, neck and back stress and trauma from a bad bite, deep overbite or under bite. Some of these patients are not aware of the damage being done to their teeth, their health and the amount of effort required to adapt to a malocclusion. With life expectancy increasing, bite correction or bite optimization can provide significant health benefits to the patient. Dr. Sam Muslin does not recommend a bite correction treatment called “bite equilibration” because vertical height to the patient’s face is generally lost.

Another type of bite correction treatment would be porcelain crowns with a full mouth reconstruction. According to Dr. Muslin this is not a good idea because healthy tooth structure is sacrificed unnecessarily. Porcelain veneers cannot provide the ultimate bite correction so do not be fooled into believing that your bite can be optimized with porcelain veneers. A bite correction is really a band-aid approach and bite optimization is the ultimate approach. Both have their place in dentistry because bite correction is less expensive.


A crossbite is a condition where the upper teeth fit inside the lower teeth. A crossbite is sometimes associated with an orthopedic problem where the upper jaw is actually smaller than the lower jaw. The jaw sizes are mismatched. Other times a crossbite has normal size jaws and the teeth simply erupted at the wrong angulation causing the crossbite.


An overbite is where the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth which forces the lower jaw back towards the ears. Patients can identify a deep overbite by looking in the mirror and biting their teeth together. If most of their lower teeth are no longer visible, they have a deep overbite. Deep overbites generally worsen with age causing premature aging, small looking chins and faces that are round in shape. Older people have short round faces because the bites get deeper with tooth wear and bite wear. Younger people with overbites generally can hide the malocclusion because they still have a youthful face but they still do not have the optimum facial height or jaw position.

Small looking chins compromise the patient’s facial profile because the deep overbite makes the chin look smaller. Bite optimization improves the chin position, the facial profile and allows the chin to have a full size appearance.

Each patient with an overbite is wasting energy adapting to it every minute of everyday. Some suffer from jaw pain, facial tension, back pain, neck pain and even headaches and ear pain. The patients with no symptoms think everything is OK but these patients usually show the stress to the head and neck in their faces and suffer from premature aging. These patients look stressed and tense because they are silent sufferers. Overbites can be idealized and bite optimization is possible with totally surgery free treatment that is also non-invasive. None of the teeth need to be ground down with Dr. Sam Muslin’s excusive bite optimization Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. His goal is to not only correct the bite but also actually optimize the bite to the patient’s face and jaw position. He can improve the facial profile and reverse years of aging with his advanced cosmetic dentistry method.


Underbites are a condition when the lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw or at least appears larger than the upper jaw. These patients have a protruding chin and generally have a malocclusion that creates significant cosmetic problems. Generally with under bites, the lower teeth and the upper teeth do not touch. When teeth do not couch, they move. Teeth that do not touch when the patient bites together will move up or get more crowded or crooked in appearance. Most patients with underbites are told that surgery and braces is the only solution. However, there is a non-surgical solution that can improve the bite, sometimes optimize the bite without surgery and without braces in as little as a week or two. Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive non-surgical underbite correction Face Lift Dentistry® treatment can help a patient transform their lives very quickly. This is an advanced cosmetic dentistry or elite cosmetic dentistry treatment with a huge health benefits and very little risk.