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How To Improve Your Side Profile

How To Improve Your Side Profile

A Beautiful Smile, But a Weird Side Profile

Regardless of the alignment of the teeth, many people feel insecure about the appearance of their jawline and chin. The overall facial alignment and side profile have an undeniable impact on your appearance. If any of the facial areas are out of balance, it might be time to seek professional services.

What’s a Good Side Profile? Aesthetics and Side Profile Proportions

What makes a side profile attractive? When an orthodontist evaluates the facial shape, it’s essential to consider the side profile vs. front profile, including both transverse and vertical proportions. Symmetry is the “gold standard” in the field of facial anthropometry.

Specific details that affect the side profile include the lip position, facial angles, length and shape of the nose, definition of the jaw, and positioning of the teeth. Facial aesthetics blend art and science to improve the balance and symmetry of all facial features.

How to Improve Side Profile Without Surgery

Can braces improve side profile? Yes, depending on the current position of the jaw and the overall goals of each patient.

The truth is that most people don’t have the best jaw and bite position for their facial structure. Not only do these problems affect a person’s appearance, but the position of the jaw can also result in a variety of physical issues. Realigning the jaw and bite with orthodontics can result in less facial and neck tension, reduced bite strain, improved facial proportions, and an overall improvement in the facial profile.

Most of the time, smile dentistry only focuses on cosmetic treatments that help when you are smiling. Facial proportion treatments make a difference to improve your profile, even when your lips are closed. In addition to orthodontics that reposition the jaw, another technology is also available now – known as Face Lift Dentistry®. This process uses VENLAY® restorations that offer much more than the cosmetic benefits of veneers. The restorations also help to make small chins look larger, which has an impact on improving the overall appearance of the face.

Why is My Side Profile So Weird?

Your side profile’s appearance depends on the positioning, size, and shape of the most prominent features: the nose, chin, lips, forehead, brow, and cheekbones. While these features are genetic, injuries and deformities can also play a role in the alignment and symmetry of the front and side profile.

Orthodontics and other treatments might be considered for patients with any of the following conditions:

  • Side profile with a small chin: Typically, the person has an overbite when the lower jaw gets pushed back. When looking at the side profile, the chin seems too small compared to the rest of the facial features.
  • Side profile with a large chin: In this situation, the person has an underbite and the lower jaw is pronounced. Jay Leno is a well-known example of someone who has this pronounced underbite that affects the side profile.

Sometimes, patients want to correct these issues for cosmetic purposes. Other times, the treatments and recommended surgical procedures are necessary because of how the misalignment is affecting function. Severe jaw misalignment can negatively affect the way a person talks, eats and smiles. In severe situations, an unusual side profile also comes with pain and discomfort because of the way the jaw is moving.

Jaw Surgery or Orthodontics?

Before you assume that side profile jaw surgery is the only option to correct the problem, consider talking to an orthodontist to evaluate available treatments. Not only do orthodontists help with correcting gappy teeth, crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, and more – but these subtle changes can also affect your side profile.

In most situations, orthodontic treatments are focused on realigning the bite and teeth, with side profile improvements being a positive side effect of the treatment. If you want side profile enhancements, please talk to the orthodontist about your goals before treatment begins.

As you are talking to a doctor about jaw surgery or rhinoplasty with chin augmentation, it’s important to note that chin augmentation only offers cosmetic benefits – but jaw surgery can often help with cosmetics and function.

Of course, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all treatment plan to suit the needs of every patient. If you are looking for functional and cosmetic improvements for your teeth, jaw, and side profile, then the best solution is to schedule a consultation with an experienced orthodontist. This specialist can discuss available treatment options and also refer you to the services of a jaw surgeon if needed.