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Correcting an Overbite without Surgery at Age 50

Correcting an Overbite without Surgery at Age 50

Cosmetic skin pro Dr. Tracy Mountford answers your questions on dealing with aging. A 50-year-old doesn’t want surgery but wants to correct their overbite that affects the way they smile and chew. Read the full article at:

Painless Overbite Correction without Surgery is Possible

Unfortunately the best solution to overbites was overlooked in this article, written by Dr Tracy Mountford.  Overbites contribute to a multitude of physical problems and cosmetic issues that lower the quality of life.  Physically, patients with overbites are at a mechanical disadvantage.  These patients experience headaches, jaw clicking and popping and they usually clench and grind their teeth more often.  Even without painful symptoms, their teeth wear down, their faces gets shorter and the chin looks smaller as these patients get older.  Most patients with overbites will age prematurely because of the shape of their faces are short and round causing wrinkles that are deep and form too soon.

Overbites weaken chewing power, which contributes to digestion problems.  Additionally, overbites contribute to TMJ problems because the bite and jaw joints are not working together.  Overbite correction resolves many physical problems including jaw pain because of the overbite correction using this method.  The Face Lift Dentistry® method is a non-surgical and a non-invasive method that solves the mechanical problem (the overbite) with a mechanical solution of overbite correction.  The chin size improves because of its new position.  The face looks younger due to its new shape and improved chin and jawline.   The Face Lift Dentistry® method is specifically designed to improve the health and the appearance of the patient without grinding down teeth, without jaw surgery or fillers and without braces.